After days of figuring it out, Ella and I decided to lose all these unwanted fat from too much coffee and what better way to that is to the gym and sweat it all out. So, after roaming around the mall all afternoon, we went to the gym at the 3rd floor and registered ourselves.



I’m officially 16! Yey me!!!!!!!! As I looked in the mirror after I woke up, nothing really changed. It’s just that my hair is longer. It was a bright sunny day outside and I knew nothing could go wrong during my special day. True enough, mom and dad greeted me as soon as I went down the stairs for breakfast. Mom prepared my favorite breakfast, pancakes and bacon. Hehe!


Dad told me he had a surprise for me when I get home from school. I could hardly contain my excitement, I immediately hugged him tight. Nothing special happened in school, except that during lunch the girl bought me a small cake with the number candles 1 and 6 on it. It was touching and nice.  I told the girl our diner would be scheduled for tomorrow instead since this night belongs to my parents. They totally agreed and talked about what to wear. After school, I went to the cafe to have my favorite coffee jelly as a treat for myself, since I have had one in weeks.


To my surprise, Ella got to me there first and told me she had a surprise. And sure enough I was surprised what she had prepared for me. Allan came out holding a small cake with 3 candles in it and the whole cafe sang happy birthday. I felt like fainting from joy. Then the bar tender gave me a tall cup of my coffee jelly – best gift yet, little did I know there was more. After everything got settled down, Ella and Lander sat on a separate table while Allan shared a table with me. We got to talk about Ella’s plans for the surprise which she told Allan days before.


So, that’s why she has been fishy lately more than the usual. Allan then explained to me why there are three candles on the cake instead of the numbers 16. He said each candle represented a word (do I smell a proposal?). He told me those words are I, LIKE, YOU. Again, I felt like fainting. After a few seconds of staring at him, I finally said: “same here”. From the looks of him, I thought he was about to faint too, but instead he just smiled and blushed, so did I. Like OMG, this is the best sweet sixteen in the world or what?! He then asked me out where we could spend time alone, so I canceled my gym time and went with him.


After having pizza with Allan, he brought me home. When I got there, dad’s surprise was stationed at the living room, it was a huge box. So there goes my tablet and my car. What could it be then? As mom and dad looked at me while I was opening the box, I was shocked. Dad actually bought me a cross trainer – an elliptical trainer, and the newest model out in the market too! This is amazing! Now I’ll never to go the gym and workout, instead Ella and I can do it at home!! I gave them both the tightest huge and the hardest kiss on the cheek I ever gave. I can’t wait to try this thing tomorrow.




Finally, the news is out. After weeks of hiding and beating around the bush, Ella confides to me that she and Lander have been going out. Kudos to her since I’ve never seen her glow like this. As for Lander being a single father, she said maybe they won’t last long anyway. Of course she hasn’t thought about being a step mom but she loves Lander’s son very much. Well, who wouldn’t? His son is really cute. Ella told me all about it. Before we would go to the gym, she and Lander would go out for ice cream or hot choco. She never had coffee with him since she says its our thing. Good thing she realizes that. And after we work out, Lander would bring her home in his car. Nothing happened between them yet. She says Lander is very decent man; it’s just that he was a victim of his wrong choices when he was younger.


But now, Ella says he has mended his ways and is trying to raise his child alone. That is one of the many traits that Ella saw in Lander, that he is very responsible and caring person. Oh well, at least if both of them get married, she will have an instant son. Take into consideration that Ethan never knew his mother very well; Ella can step in and become a mother to him instead. Doesn’t make a difference right? Congrats BFF, I wish you the best!



I have been practicing in front of the mirror what to say when dad hands me my gift on Friday. I’m expecting something big and that I can use. Whatever it is, I’m getting excited just thinking about it.


One day I decided to play detective, looking for clues what mom and dad bought me for my sweet sixteen. I have been hoping for a PC tablet or a car since those are the lead clues I have. For almost three hours snooping around the house looking for hints that would point me out to my present, sadly I found none. The last place I didn’t search was dads laptop. Of course, I wouldn’t assume there would be a clue there since opening his personal stuff would be like violation of his privacy, but what the heck! I know he wouldn’t mind. Good thing he and mom went to the grocery. When I opened his history browser there was nothing there but sites on treadmills. Is this it? A treadmill for my sweet sixteen?


There’s something fishy about dad lately. He’s been hanging around the house lately and staring at his notebook for hours and hours browsing the web. I wonder what is he up to?


A lot of kids my age have been celebrating their sweet sixteen in the most impractical way. They spend like thousands of dollars for an expensive party, using their parents’ money and wasting it all for one night or something expensive. I have seen those losers on TV, wasting their lives and money something that can make then happy for while. Then when it’s over, they go back to their miserable lives. I feel sad for those brats on TV. I mean have they ever thought what will happen in the future or if they still have future left.


Anyways, mine is drawing near — fast. At first, I must admit that I have been wishing for a party unlike any other, but seeing others out there that couldn’t even afford to eat a decent meal a day, spending a lot is not fair. I know I don’t have the right to meddle with their lives nor to feel sorry for them; it’s just that I think it isn’t right. Plus, I’m going to reserve that for my 18th birthday instead. I’m now planning to have a simple gathering with my friends at my favorite restaurant instead. A simple dinner with the people I love will be enough for me.


As for my parents, I have been asking them for a new PC tablet since I tired of carry my huge laptop along with me every time. My shoulders had enough of carrying hug bags since middle school. Dad has been asking around about this PC tablet since he has no idea what it is or what it looks like. He barely ever knows how to use his laptop. Mom isn’t that techy too. She has no idea what’s the difference of a PC tablet and a laptop. Sheessh!! They are so primitive.


Dad has also been asking me these past few days about driving. I totally said yes. He has been offering me driving lesson every weekend ever since. I was thrilled because finally I get to drive behind the wheel with my old man trusting me well enough to drive his car. I also noticed he has been stopping a lot into used car shops. Honestly, there are used cars that are in mint condition and half of them aren’t that bad. Is dad planning to buy me a new car instead? If so they, who am I to refuse. Hey, it’s a car. It’s not something I asked for. All I asked is something that I could use in school. Maybe I’ll have both then! Wohhooooooo!! This is going to be amazing!



After reading my posts, I realized that it has been a while since I wrote something about “my Allan” LOL. Just to give you an update, I’ve been going to the coffee shop alone these past two weeks since Ella kept on canceling our plans (if I know, she’s been hanging  out with Lander — duh!). So anyway, it has been depressing because Ella hasn’t been with me. To make matters worse, I haven’t seen Allan too. I asked bar tender Luis about his whereabouts. They told me he had to go China, since his grandfather died. He won’t be back for another 3-4 weeks.


I have been thinking a lot since I have a lot of time alone. At first, it has been super depressing. Imagine, killing the time alone before going to the gym. Ella has been spending a lot of time with Lander and I must admit it’s making me depressed as well. Its making me feel abandoned. I wish Allan was here. At least I have been thinking a lot about the things I’ve done for the day, especially the wrongs I’ve done and how I can amend them. I have been thinking what I’m going to take up in college as well. I’m thinking about nursing, since most of my aunts are nurses and they have been talking in into it. They can get me in to the most prestigious hospital in the state since they know most of the directors and nurses at the present time. Oh well, so much for that for now.


Being on a certain diet and fasting are truly different things. Being on a certain diet lets you eat something that is allowed or in strict moderation while fasting you get nothing. This is sooooo hard. I’m already used to my daily diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So this is what other cultures feel when they don’t eat a thing. Ella and I made a be that if we could stand not eating anything for three but water get a free meal after from our favorite restaurant. We both agreed on this silly bet and I think I’m going to give up since I not really feeling well after a day of not eating anything. I better tell Ella before I faint.


This exercise thing isn’t easy. Like OMG, I always sweat like a pig every time I finish my workout. But still, even though I smell like feet after, I feel awesome. Of course I had to take a shower after, or else people will faint when I pass by. I brought all my hygiene stuff from soap, shampoo, conditioner, and a lot more.


Ella has been working her ass out as well. In fact, shes getting in good terms with Mr. Muscle Lander for days now. She sometimes forget that I’m around. That girl needs to get her on straight. But I’ve never seen her this happy for a long time. We’ve been using the elliptical and the treadmill for more than three days now. Don’t get me wrong, I feel great and everything, but the thing is I still can’t fit into some of my clothes.


This is getting frustrating. I mean I’ve been putting my heart and soul into this whole thing and to discover I’m still not losing enough. Ella was having the same problems at home but she didn’t mind since she’s not into Mr. Muscle rather than losing weight in the first place. I feel I’m getting trapped. Will somebody help me out here! Days have gone by and I don’t think I can do it anymore. Damn, sometimes I even forget why I keep on doing this.




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